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New Program Special Pricing



Anchor into the truth of your inherent power while navigating through the doubts and insecurities that arise as you hit new levels. 


Anchor is a Voxxer chat where you can tap into the energy of confidence anywhere, anytime. Imagine having a safe place to come where you are injected with encouragement, truth, and love so you can ride those daily waves of self-doubt.


As a big dreamer, it’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind and the minutiae of the small details we have to be involved in to build our dream. At times this can even move into overwhelming doubts as we face what can seem to be insurmountable challenges that this next level is presenting.


During times like these, your confidence is going to be tested.

Any underlying insecurities can easily pop back up in these situations, leaving you feeling deflated, or even thinking that maybe you shouldn’t have invested so much into this… maybe this dream is out of reach for someone like you.


Anchor is your place to pop in and be reminded that you are powerful, you are worthy, this dream is possible for you, it was placed in you for a purpose, the world needs what you have, and nothing can stop you… unless you let it.


Within Anchor we ban together so none of us let the doubts get in our way. Here, we create space to lovingly acknowledge our doubts and then move forward to face the day without letting them weigh us down. We get to choose our anchor, and that anchor is not something that should hold us back but rather something that grounds us to truth as we weather these inevitable storms.


Anchor supports you by:

  • Providing a safe place to be real and receive uplifting support;

  • Connecting you to others who are actively leveling up and are on a similar journey as you are;

  • Offering two insightful encouragements per week related to common challenges that come up for big dreamers as they move forward into new levels;

  • Hosting one open Q&A day where you can ask me for insight and advice to help anchor you specifically through what is challenging your confidence and therefore holding you back from moving forward.


This is not a subscription, this is an as-needed monthly support program. 

Save $100 when you join during the New Program Special Pricing period until May 24th, then the price goes up to reflect the full value of $625.


All sales are final. Pay in full or payment plan options available with Paypal.


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