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Spend 21 days building your confidence, intentionally pouring into yourself, and increasing your self-love and self-acceptance!

21-Day Love Yourself Challenge!

You're about to...

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Build Your Confidence

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Quiet Negative Thoughts

Ready to Party

Increase Your Happiness


The Love Yourself Challenge offers simple, structured daily practices that will keep you excited about loving yourself more and makes it easy for you to commit to.

Through these daily practices, I have been able to cultivate this deep love for myself that I want to give to you.

I realize that time may be a hinderance to starting new programs like this one. I get it - you are so busy and have so much demanding your attention. That's why I’ve laid out the plan for you and I’ll guide you every step of the way. No matter where you are on your journey, all you have to do is show up.

And here’s my promise: By the end of this 21-day challenge, you’ll feel happier, more confident, and more free.

And so you know you're in good hands...


Chantelle L.

Postnatal Coach

"Charlsey has been so warm, welcoming, receptive, and helpful!! Even my husband has noticed the positive impact it's had on me."


Dr. Brittny H.

Surgeon and Physician Coach

"Charlsey helped me discover some origin stories for some of my fundamental beliefs. And she helped me realize which stories I'm actively rejecting as I work to become my best self."


Aida K.

Marketplace Owner

"I truly loved being coached by Charlsey. She is the kind of person that helps you realize things about yourself without the feeling of overwhelm."


Carrie H.

Personal Stylist

Charlsey is a master at teaching me how to dive down deep in order to see through the negativity that is NOT part of who God intended me to be. Having her as my confidence coach has been one of the best decisions I have made.  


Krys P.

Life Coach

"Having just experienced Charlsey's workshop, I was blown away by her spirit. I am glad she owns who she is because she brings great value into the world!"


Melissa J.

Breathwork Teacher

"Charlsey is a great coach. She's really encouraging and supportive. And she listens really well."

Image by Autumn Studio

If these sound familiar to you, then you're in the right place...

You have been doubting yourself lately!

This self-love challenge will offer you a sense of sustainable peace throughout the day. You'll no longer go to bed doubting whether you are enough or have done enough. You will trust that you are doing the best you can and that your best is enough for that day. When you grow in self-love, you can meet negative thoughts with grace and compassion rather than allowing them to swirl around in your mind.

You feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out! 

Maybe you're stressed about the future or feel overwhelmed with trying to balance it all (with work, kids, getting back into a busy routine). Making your needs and desires even somewhat of a priority seems like a long shot. In this challenge, you'll learn firsthand that you are just as important as anyone else. In fact, you'll look forward to putting yourself first and you'll feel empowered to be in charge of your own happiness.

You aren't sure what it means to love yourself.

Maybe you've heard about self-love for years, but have never really understood what it looks like and feels like for you. This is common! In this challenge, I'll explain what self-love is and you'll learn specific areas to focus on to help you increase the love for yourself.

How it Works

Increase Your Self-Love

You will spend the next 21 days building your confidence, intentionally pouring into yourself, and increasing your self-love and self-acceptance filled with proven self-love strategies that I've personally used to cultivate a deep love for myself.

Receive A New Daily Lesson

Each day, you will receive an email with the self-love lesson for that day. Each lesson is intentionally designed to help you love yourself more. Each lesson contains one simple action step and a short audio recording.

Carve Out Time For You

I know you are busy and it can be hard to make your growth a priority. With this challenge, you can increase your self-love in 10-15 minutes a day. If you miss a day, that's okay! Simply pick up where you left off.

Feel Safe and Supported

Throughout the Challenge, you'll have direct access to Charlsey as your coach for additional support and guidance. Whether you want to ask a question or need someone to talk to, she is just a click away. 


This self love challenge is perfect for you if you're ready to...

Build Your Confidence

You'll be amazed by how much more confident you will feel when you commit to loving yourself unconditionally. When you're confident in who you are, you become a magnet for good experiences and attract abundance into your life.

Quiet Negative Thoughts

When self-love becomes your habit, negative thoughts no longer consume you. You are able to view doubt and fear from a place of love rather than allowing them to convince you that something is wrong with you. This helps you say yes to your big visions and living the life you want.

Prioritize Your Needs

You can speed up by slowing down and making time for yourself. It allows you to come from a place of wholeness and feeling worthy, which will enable you to better care for those you love.

Find Happiness Within

The more you love yourself, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the happier you will be. By focusing on self-love, you learn to validate yourself rather than feeling like you need someone else's approval or validation. 

Set Loving Boundaries

As your self-love expands, so will your ability to see what is and isn't serving you. You'll gain the clarity you need to understand what you will and will not accept in your life. You'll no longer say yes to everything and feel more comfortable saying no.

Feel Free to be Yourself

Say goodbye to the things that hold you back and make you feel not good enough. Self-love sets you free. Nothing and no one can hold you back when you love yourself, so you're free to be who you really are. Self-love is the beginning to allowing you to become the woman you want to be and achieve your dreams.


Lynn W.

I honestly feel blessed and grateful for the inner work I'm doing on myself! I am learning that I am enough and I don't need validation from any person as I am learning to have it for myself! I am learning to trust myself from within, I definitely had a breakthrough this week with loving myself...


Chantelle L.

I am on Day 6 of the Challenge and am loving it so far! I've kept up with each day so far. It's in really nice, bite-size bits and with great action steps. It's so well organized and so well done! Charlsey puts her heart and 1000% into everything she does. I am loving this challenge so far. 

Image by Steve Johnson

Love Yourself Challenge

Spend 21 days building your confidence, intentionally pouring into yourself, and increasing your self-love and self-acceptance
Receive a daily email with the self-love lesson for that day. Each lesson is intentionally designed to help you love yourself more, and contains a simple action step and short audio recording 
Worried that you will miss a few days? Totally understandable! This challenge is designed for you to go at your own pace and allows you to pick up where you left off.
Have questions or want further support during the challenge? You are safe and fully supported with Charlsey as your coach. Email her anytime at
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