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Connected to Your Calling is for big dreamers who know they’re made for more and are ready to take hold of it by tapping into the full power of their unique, inner brilliance.


Have you ever felt sure of your calling (whether it's to write a book, build a business, make an incredible impact, speak on a stage to thousands, etc); yet, you feel like it's taking longer than you thought it would, it feels harder than you'd like it to, and/or you feel pressure to just get it going?


It's not quite unfolding like you thought it would, and you’re wondering, “Whyyyy!?” when you’re trying so hard and you’re doing so much to make it happen! 


Maybe there is too much to do, there isn’t enough time, you don’t have enough resources or support, and it just doesn't seem to be moving fast enough? Maybe you look over and see all the women it has worked for and wonder why it hasn’t worked out for you!? Everything you want just feels so far away!


When you learn how to connect to your calling, you’ll feel a deepened solidity within yourself and an intense increase in how much you trust yourself, your big goals, and the process, which becomes available to you even in the smallest of daily decisions.


This masterclass will equip you to access the greatness inside of you by cultivating deep confidence in the connection between your calling and the truth of how you were created to fulfill it.


Are you ready to finally feel momentum towards your life of purpose, impact, satisfaction, excitement, and fulfillment? Connected to Your Calling is your next step towards this goal!


This 1 hour 30 minute, recorded masterclass teaches:

  • the beliefs and energetics of how your desires are actually connected to your calling;

  • the most common forms of conditioning and patterns that are causing the frustration;

  • the 3 internal roadblocks that are contributing to and perpetuating the narrative that you are behind.


Enjoy lifetime access. 


All sales are final.


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