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The Masterclass that is tailor-made for passionate individuals who, in the pursuit of their calling, have encountered the unique challenge of feeling a bit behind on the journey. If you've ever sensed that your dreams are taking longer to unfold than anticipated, or perhaps the path seems tougher than you'd like it to be, you're not alone – and this Masterclass is the perfect space for you:

If you ever feel like you're playing hide-and-seek with your own brilliance, this Masterclass is your beacon. We'll tackle that sneaky Imposter Syndrome together, uncovering and celebrating the fantastic qualities that make you, well, you.

Ever caught yourself in the "grass is greener" game? We've all been there. In this Masterclass, we'll dance through the comparison trap, learning to appreciate your journey's unique rhythm and celebrate your wins without diminishing their shine.

Does the future sometimes feel like a cloudy crystal ball? Fear not! This Masterclass is your compass. Together, we'll not only navigate the overthinking maze but also forge a stronger connection to your calling. Consider this your invitation to bridge the gap between where you stand and the dreams that feel a bit out of reach. Get ready to infuse clarity, purpose, and a sprinkle of magic into your journey!

Feeling the pressure because you think you should have achieved more by now? Let's start debunking that myth together. In this Masterclass, we'll explore the beauty of your unique timeline and break free from the "should-haves" that might be holding you back.

If your achievements sometimes feel like the sole measure of your worth, you're not alone. Join us to untangle that connection, discovering the incredible person behind the accomplishments. Spoiler: You're pretty amazing just as you are.

This Masterclass is your launchpad for transforming uncertainties into certainties, doubts into affirmations, and the gap between where you are and where your dreams await into a bridge of unwavering connection. If you see yourself in these lines, then you belong here. Join us, and let's embark on this remarkable journey together.

 Embrace the incredible power and beauty of 'Connected to Your Calling,' a dynamic and transformative experience carefully crafted to help you feel more connected to your calling and help you shed the sense of separation, fostering a deep and harmonious alignment with the dreams that inspire you. Think of this Masterclass as the ignition that sparks your path to profound self-discovery and purposeful living. It's the first step on the road to a life filled with purpose, passion, and the unwavering belief that your dreams are not only achievable but also an intrinsic part of who you are. 

In this 1-hour and 30-minute Masterclass, offered at an incredible value of just $225, I seamlessly blend cognitive psychology and emotional intelligence to provide you with invaluable insights and practical tools that will empower you to embark on a transformative journey. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to gain:


Discover the most common thought and belief patterns that often create a sense of separation between big dreamers and their goals. Understand how these patterns influence your perspective and hinder your progress.


Explore the three most common forms of conditioning that contribute to the development and reinforcement of negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Gain insights into the roots of these conditioned responses and how to break free from their influence.


Acquire practical tools and strategies that go beyond theory. Learn actionable steps to dissolve the separation and cultivate a sense of closeness and connection to your calling. These tools are designed for real-world application, ensuring tangible results in your daily life.


Expand your awareness around the energetics of manifestation. Uncover the subtle yet powerful energies that play a role in bringing your desires to life. Gain insights into how to align your energy with your aspirations and create a harmonious flow towards manifesting your dreams.

This Masterclass is not just about understanding; it's about equipping you with practical skills and insights that foster tangible, positive changes in your mindset, beliefs, and daily practices. I invite you to join me on this journey and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to own the life you're meant for.

What You'll Learn

Meet Your Coach

Hey there, I'm Charlsey Childers, your guide on this transformative journey. I didn't start this Masterclass because my entrepreneurial journey skyrocketed from the get-go. I knew my calling, put in the work, and still, the results seemed elusive. The journey felt tougher than expected, and I couldn't help but wonder why others were seemingly crushing it while I felt miles behind.

Armed with a Masters in Psychology, I decided to do what I always do when faced with a challenge: look within. Instead of blaming myself for not being 'smart enough' or needing to level up my marketing game, I began a journey of self-reflection. Peeling back the layers, I uncovered the psychology and energetics behind my experiences. I started seeing actionable steps to make my journey more enjoyable and boost my self-esteem.

As I detached myself from conditioning patterns that were holding me back, a remarkable transformation occurred. The peace and satisfaction I now feel are beyond words. I've become more rooted in who I am and what I'm called to do.


Now, I'm thrilled to share these truths, insights, and actionable tools with those who might be feeling the way I did. Join me in this Masterclass, and let's embark on a journey to transform your mindset, overcome challenges, and align with the joy and satisfaction your calling deserves. Can't wait to guide you toward a more fulfilling and empowered version of yourself!

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Now that you've glimpsed the transformative journey that awaits, it's time to seize this opportunity for change. This Masterclass is a catalyst for profound shifts in your mindset, a guide to unraveling the conditioning holding you back, and a key to unlocking the joy in your journey. Imagine living a life where every step is infused with purpose and satisfaction, not just reaching your goals but relishing the journey itself. If you're ready to dissolve the separation, connect deeply with your calling, and embark on a path that aligns with your dreams, then this Masterclass is your gateway. Don't just dream it; live it. Joining this Masterclass is your first step! Join us now.

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