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Are you ready to let go and thrive_ (10)

This One Day Extravaganza will help you release control, feel lighter, and trust your intuition. When you join, you will get:




A short relaxing guided meditation on March 11th that's super easy to do and will ​help you feel really good!

Access to my monthly membership for 35 hours, so you can listen to masterclasses on quieting your negative thoughts, accepting your feelings, loving yourself more, and much more!

A 45 minute live online group coaching session on March 10th where you'll get proven strategies for releasing control and feeling at ease. You'll also have a chance to win free goodies!

All you have to do is sit back, press play, and follow along.

** The best part - it's ONLY 35¢ **

Enter your name and email, and save your spot 

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