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How to get what you want without forcing it

A riff on one of the traps ambitious women can fall into and the way to do it with more ease, trust, and confidence

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Allowing yourself to fall in love with the process

A riff on a common pattern for ambitious women that causes us to feel like we aren't doing enough and aren't measuring up.

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We can look to the external for validation or we can...

A riff on shifting from checking and looking to the external as proof that it's working and we're on the right track.

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The beingness of gratitude

A riff on perceiving gratitude not as something you do but something that becomes part of you. If you just rolled your eyes, this riff is for you!

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When you feel like you have to figure it out on your own...

A riff for when you wonder, "how am I ever going to do this and make this work?" These questions can easily slip us into the rabbit hole of trying to fix things and figure it out, thus putting a lot of unnecessary weight on ourselves. Tune in to hear how to shift this!

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How to process feeling rejected

If you currently feel rejected, less than, or like you don't measure up, this riff is for you! The pain and sting of these feelings is powerful enough to affect us for a lifetime... it did for me anyways. When we are faced with this darkness, how do we process it in a healthy way? Tune in to find out how.

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When things don't turn out the way you thought they would...

Isn't it so annoying and frustrating when things don't turn out the way you wanted them to or thought they would? If you've felt this way, you aren't alone! Tune into this riff as we talk about how to navigate these moments in a way that supports us rather than swallows us.

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One of My Secrets to Feeling Good Now

We don't have to wait to feel lit up, satisfied and fulfilled inside until we reach a certain result or a particular outcome. You can feel good now! You can know who you are now! You can feel fully connected and inherently know you are walking in your calling now! You can show up with power now! Listen to this riff and you'll discover one of my secrets to living this way now.

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Satisfied Now

The Trick is to Align Your Beliefs with Your Desires

Most big dreamers and high achievers don't realize that as we pursue greatness and watch our desires take shape, so must our belief in ourselves and our core identity. This is the trick. This is the secret to true, lasting confidence. I explain it all in this riff. Press play now.

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aligning beliefs

Moving with Self-Trust, Self-Love, and Inner Peace

Have you ever wondered what it means to trust the process? And/or have you ever desired to bring more self-love and inner peace into the pursuit of your dreams? If yes, then you are going to love this Inner Power Portal and talk show segment on the Donna Drake Show. Press play now!

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