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Quiet Your Negative Thoughts with this FREE 3 day challenge!

Make this the Year You Conquer Negative Thinking with the Love Yourself Challenge!

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Over the next three days, you will get three free daily lessons from the 30 Day Love Yourself Challenge to help you quiet the negative by transforming the inner critic. Learn how to identify negative thoughts, discover why they're there (yes, there's a reason for them!), and load up on proven, practical tools you can use to quiet the overwhelming mental chatter.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Training - Separating Yourself from the Negative

Exercise - How to Journal Your Feelings

Training - Transforming Your Inner Critic

Exercise - Put Your Thoughts on Trial

Training - Uncovering Your Beliefs

Exercise - Follow 'the Why'

Working from Home

Everything you need delivered right to your inbox!

I know you are busy and your time is valuable, so I've made it super easy for you to participate in the challenge. Everything you need each day will be automatically sent right to your inbox. All you have to do is check to see if you've got mail.

Listening to Music on Phone

Learn how to quiet your negative thoughts like a pro  

This challenge is intentionally designed to help you conquer you mental chatter. Each day, you will receive a new lesson about the focus for that day and one simple action step to go along with it. Simply carve out 15-20 min a day to complete.


Ignite your self confidence and self love

Quieting your negative thoughts brings you so much freedom: freedom to not get sucked into the negativity, get to know who you really are behind the debilitating thoughts, and live with inner peace instead of inner chaos. All of which fuels your confidence and self love.

Tired of the overwhelm?

Conquer the negative with this FREE 3 day challenge!

And so you know you're in good hands...


Chantelle L.

Postnatal Coach

"Charlsey has been so warm, welcoming, receptive, and helpful!! Even my husband has noticed the positive impact it's had on me."


Dr. Brittny H.

Surgeon and Physician Coach

"Charlsey helped me discover some origin stories for some of my fundamental beliefs. And she helped me realize which stories I'm actively rejecting as I work to become my best self."


Aida K.

Marketplace Owner

"I truly loved being coached by Charlsey. She is the kind of person that helps you realize things about yourself without the feeling of overwhelm."


Carrie H.

Personal Stylist

"I truly loved being coached by Charlsey. She is the kind of person that helps you realize things about yourself without the feeling of overwhelm."


Krys P.

Life Coach

"Having just experienced Charlsey's workshop, I was blown away by her spirit. I am glad she owns who she is because she brings great value into the world!"


Melissa J.

Breathwork Teacher

"Charlsey is a great coach. She's really encouraging and supportive. And she listens really well."

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