7 Simple Ways to Quiet the Inner Critic

Stressed Woman

It's tiring, isn't it? You're smart, beautiful, and ambitious; yet, the hardest part is dealing with the negative voice inside your head. It constantly reminds you what you didn’t get done, how far behind you are, how ahead she is, and the mistakes you've made. The voice can be so loud and debilitating, can't it, and never seems to stop? The good news, friend, is that you have the power to quiet this inner voice in a way that makes you feel lighter. Start using these 7 simple practices today to achieve the freedom you deserve!

Hey there, I’m Charlsey, and I’m insanely passionate about helping ambitious women like you know that they are enough, so they can feel free to be who they are and achieve their dreams!


As someone who was spent years trying please everyone and live up to their expectations of me, I understand how exhausting and tiring it can be. I craved feeling free to be myself and live the life I wanted, but I didn't know where to start.


I spent a few years discovering the real me - the one who had been covered up, hidden, buried, muted, and abandoned for so for long. 


I finally discovered who I really was and have learned how to love, accept, and trust myself as I am. It’s a work in progress, but I’m a lot further along than I was. I now spend my days equipping women to know the same confidence, freedom, and inner peace that I have cultivated. 

I am glad you're here and acknowledge you for becoming the most confident version of yourself. It's the most incredible journey!