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Charlsey Childers

What is your unique Inner Power Archetype?

Are you living as who you're meant to be or as you've been programmed to and feel like you should be?


Take the quiz to discover the truth about yourself - that you have power and were designed a special way on purpose, so you can experience the authentic, satisfying success you were made for. 

Cultivating your unique IPA - Inner Power Archetype - is the key to unlocking deep satisfaction and aligned direction in your life.


The intent of this quiz is to offer an invitation to go deeper into discovering the truth about just how valuable and worthy and intentional you are, as a specially designed human inserted into the world at the exact right time. When you start to really cultivate the belief that you have inherent power, you can begin to build a life of confidence  that brings that authentic, satisfying success you were made for!

When you understand this about yourself, you'll be able to start solidifying your foundation of self-worth, which is the key to motivation, confidence, and results.

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