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Ignite Your Confidence


Unleash Your Authenticity


Show Up Boldly

Be Content With Who You Are

Happy Friends Laughing

The Coaching Program for Women to 

Develop Unshakable Confidence, Fuel their Belief in Themselves, 

Break Free from Self Doubt, and Show Up Authentically

Introducing to you.... 

 A coaching program that helps women develop unshakable confidence and defeat negative thoughts in eight weeks.

The program is packed with strategies, tools, and exercises to help you ignite your confidence, unleash your authenticity, show up boldly, and be content with who you are.

All coaching sessions are held through Zoom. 


Igniting Confidence. Changing Lives.

"... I truly loved being coached by Charlsey. She is the kind of person that makes you realize things about yourself with the feeling of overwhelm. If you need to figure out how to love yourself more fully, she is your go to person..."

— Aida K.

"... Charlsey helped me discover some origin stories for some of my fundamental beliefs. And she helped me realize which stories I'm actively rejecting as I work to become my best self...."

 Dr. Brittny H.

This program is for you if...



You believe that you can change and grow as a person, and that you are capable of figuring things out.


You take responsibility for how you think and feel about yourself.

You are willing to dig deep and explore what's been holding you back.

You feel excited at the thought of having more confidence, authenticity, and happiness.


You are committed to taking consistent action for eight weeks in order to get what you want.

This program is not for you if...

You believe that who you are is locked in at birth and people cannot change.

You blame others for how you feel and are okay with feeling like a victim.

You are looking for a quick fix and instant transformation.

You aren't open to sharing your real desires and struggles. The only way this will work is if we are both honest and transparent with each other.

You aren't willing to dig deep and do the work that's required to change your beliefs about yourself.

"... I'm on Week 6 of this program and feel a lot better about myself. I am happier, have more positive emotions, and feel lighter. I was feeling really heavy before. Through this program, I have definitely been able to identify some beliefs that I formed that weren't serving me. This program has been helped me identify the person I want to be and has given me tools to take better care of myself.

Charlsey is a great coach. She's really encouraging and supportive. She also listens very well.

I am excited about the future and feel like there are more possibilities for me now."

 Melissa J.

A Sneak Peak Inside 

Week 1: Tapping Into You

This week is all about diving deep into discovering the things you really want in life and what is holding you back. We'll explore any roadblocks, fears, or other internal battles that are standing in your way, so we can start building a stronger foundation for you, which will become your guide for every decision you make going forward. Then we will begin to create a road map and form a plan to get you the happiness and confidence you desire in life because you have the power to create everything you desire and deserve in life! And you have the power to become the woman you want to become!


Breaking Free from Negative Thoughts

Hi, my name's Charlsey Childers! As someone who struggled with doubt, rejection, and beating myself up my entire life, I understand how devastating it can be on a person. To top it off, I was holding onto things from my past that I couldn't seem to let go of. On the surface, I had it all together. But, on the inside, I was struggling I felt like I was living a double life. I was stuck and holding myself back. Something had to shift or else I would spend my entire life feeling unworthy. Can you imagine how sad and unfulfilled that would feel? Not to mention the opportunities I would have missed out on because of the negative voice in my head. And what if I had passed my insecurities onto my children?


That's when I stumbled onto a journey of understanding true confidence, self worth, and inner peace. Over three years later, I find myself being content with myself and my life, feeling lighter, and living free from doubt.

Now I use my five step system to help women cultivate inner peace and confidence, so they too can break free from doubt and be content with who they are.

I'm Ready! What's Included in the Program?

Woman on the Phone
8 Coaching Sessions
Mindset Tools, Strategies, & Techniques
6 Guided Meditations
Coaching Support & Accountability
A Workbook for Each Week
3 Bonus Coaching Sessions

Your Next Steps

1. Take a deep breath and click the button below to apply. You're going to feel a rush of excitement once you do!

2. Magically get swooped to the application.

3. Answer the questions and press Submit. 

4. Look out for an email to see if your application has been selected.

Oh And One More Thing...

There is so much happiness, peace, and abundance waiting for you; it is time for you to claim it and believe that are you worthy of having it all.

It is possible to be the happiest and most confident version of yourself.

Your happiness and you feeling enough are not separate; they go hand in hand. The more you believe in yourself, the happier you'll be.

Friend, what are you waiting for?

You've got this.

You owe it to yourself to become everything you've dreamed of being. You are worth it.

Much love from your Coach,


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