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Empowering ambitious women to attune to their inherent power to become

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Tired of feeling like it's never enough?

Hey Striver! You work so hard and are so capable, but do you ever feel like you're pushing or forcing your way towards your desires... like walking through murky water? Is it harder than you thought it would be? Or do you feel like something is wrong with you?

It's time to clear out the lies that are standing in the way of your success, rid yourself of the pressure and resistance, and claim the life you desire and deserve.

Wake up & feel powerful.

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Imagine a life where you feel the frustration or inner resistance, and know exactly how to turn it into a source of power. 

There is a life waiting for you where you quiet the mean, slimy, no-good spiraling thoughts, attune to your inherent power, and become unstoppable in the pursuit of your desires.

You no longer have to experience that frustration cycle that I coined, the Expectation Blues™:

1) You work so hard on a goal and put so much into it, only for it to not turn out how you thought it would. You're frustrated, disappointed, and mad at yourself.
2) Being the driven woman you are, you pick yourself back up and push forward...
3) But something happens that left you feeling confused, utterly disappointed, and feeling like total failure.
4) Finally, you've had enough. You reach your breaking point and take drastic action. Perhaps you quit your job or your business.

The real disappointment comes though when you realize the big change doesn't lift you from feeling let down either.

There is a better way! Instead of forcing your way through life towards success and cycling through these Expectation Blues
, it's time to break the cycle and become unstoppable. I'll show you how.

This is Phase 5, where the cycle stops and
5) you finally feel the inner peace, success, satisfaction, freedom, joy, confidence, and fulfillment you’ve been longing for! This power is what allows you to achieve your dreams and desires.

Join Unstoppable and start tuning into your power today!

Meet the Unstoppable You...


Charlsey Childers

In 2017, I was tired of doing it the way everyone told me to. I wanted to follow my heart, but the negative voice in my head kept telling me I was ridiculous.


I put my Masters in Psychology to use on myself and started exploring why I didn’t feel good enough to step outside of my corporate career. What I uncovered was that my lack of confidence and belief in myself stemmed from deep-rooted feelings of rejection and unworthiness that actually traced back to when I was a young girl.

Healing the lies and discovering inner peace lead me to a life of satisfaction and full of purpose, where I turn my triggers into power to go deeper and achieve more. I believe every single woman deserves to have an internal arsenal of tools that will allow her to become deeply confident, whole, and capable of seeing their dreams come into being.

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Heal the lies and harness your confidence with this complete set of life-changing lessons that take you on a guided go-at-your-own-pace journey of discovering your innate power. 


Take your journey to the next level with personalized one-on-one coaching. If you are experiencing blocks to your growth and need that boost to help you rise, let's chat and create a plan to suit your exact needs so you can get your momentum back!

Take this

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Did you know there are some statistically common blocks that ambitious women face, and it depends on our unique situations?!

Take the quiz to find out what Power Profile you fall into so you have a specific strategy to unleash your power for more success, joy, freedom, and inner peace in your life. Get to know yourself and grab a quick tip to embrace more confidence and satisfaction in life.

After this quiz you'll know:

  • common trip-ups

  • unique strengths

  • what naturally activates and drains your energy

  • tips to play into your power

Tune In to the Podcast

If you're an ambitious woman with BIG dreams who is exhausted from feeling stuck, like your dreams are out of reach, and like you're a failure. Subscribe to cultivate the confidence and self-worth you need to believe in yourself and bring your desires into being... because despite the doubts... YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!

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Charlsey Childers

Self Worth and Confidence Coach

Charlsey Childers is a North Carolina-raised Self Worth and Confidence Coach, and host of the Seeing Your Inner Brilliance podcast who empowers ambitious women to recognize their inherent power and become unstoppable.

Did you find out your unique power archetype?

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