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I stand behind big dreamers, helping them overcome doubts, inadequacies, and upper limits so they can keep shaking the world with their greatness

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Self Worth and Confidence Coach


Hi! Since you're here, I'm assuming you're a big dreamer on the cusp of your next level! Me too!

And I know all too well how any underlying insecurities and upper limits can come up for us as we move forward towards our dreams. That's why I stand behind big dreamers, and I believe single dreamer deserves to have an internal arsenal of tools that will allow him or her to become deeply confident, whole, and capable of seeing their dreams come into being.

I want these tools!


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As Seen In

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Inspired audio riffs to help you ground into and move from your inherent power, so you can show up more fully as yourself

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How can we be ourselves if we don't see ourselves? Being yourself is your edge, your inherent power, your inner brilliance. Being yourself is your very own key to unlocking your very own big dream. We aren't taught this key is inside of us; we're taught to look outside of ourselves, chase our dream, go after it, no excuses, work hard, hustle harder, set goals, make lists, and just do it. There is another way that doesn't involve so much striving, forcing, controlling, and exerting. When you see the key, your own inner brilliance, then your race to that big dream becomes more aligned, in flow, more solid, peaceful, powerful, and satisfying! Click to play now and start seeing what this path looks like for you!

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Ways to Work with Me


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For go-getters who are ready to step into the more they desire. If you are ready to own the life you feel called to, then this Masterclass is for you! Boost your belief, your confidence, and the results you manifest if your life by tuning into this powerful topic.

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For big dreamers who know they are made for more and are ready to take hold of it by tapping into the full power of their unique, inner brilliance! This Masterclass will equip you to access the greatness inside of you by cultivating deep confidence in the connection between your calling and the truth of how you were created to fulfill it.

As-needed Support

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Anchor into the truth of your inherent power while navigating through the doubts and underlying insecurities that are presented to you as you're on the cusp of your next level. This is your place to pop in, be reminded that you are powerful and worthy, and then bang together with other big dreamers so the doubts don't get in your way. 

The first Micromind I've ever released into the world! Details coming in late April 2023! 


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Wake up and be THAT Girl or Guy who you're dreaming of being when you finally get the results! This is a powerful 6 week journey of embodying your future self now so you can switch the order of how you approach your dream. Instead of being that girl or guy after you arrive, you are going to learn how to embody him or her before it happens...

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Are you ready to uproot the barriers standing in the way of your success, so you can become Unstoppable in pursuing your dreams while feeling confident, worthy, and secure? Unstoppable is a deep 12 week journey of stripping away lies, conditioning, expectations, and internalizations by accessing your secret weapon: emotions.


Chantelle L.

Wife and mom of two boys

Former Physical Therapist turned Postpartum Coach

Helps moms feel strong and accepting of their body after baby while ditching Snapback Culture

"Because of Charlsey's tools, I've learned how to show up for myself, my family, and my passions as my most true self. I never realized how deep-rooted the lies were and how it was impacting my success. It feels so good to be free from them!"

What Clients Say


Charlsey Childers

Self Worth and Confidence Coach

Charlsey Childers is a North Carolina-raised Self Worth and Confidence Coach, and host of the Seeing Your Inner Brilliance podcast who empowers ambitious women to recognize their inherent power and become unstoppable.

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