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June Cohort



Wake up and Be THAT Girl or Guy who you’re dreaming of being when you finally get the results! It’s time to stop waiting and start being. Getting to this point is where you stop needing it in order to feel confident, good at what you do, worthy, or successful. It’s about being the person who ____ [achieves ___, creates ____, earns ____, and/or impacts ____].


This is a powerful 6-week journey of embodying your future self now (without the need for proof of perceived success) so you can switch the order of how you approach your dream. Instead of embodying this version of yourself after it happens, you’re going to learn how to embody it before it happens… because your future self is already within you.


Most people wait for the physical proof (results and approval) to feel validated and assured that they can achieve the success they desire. Living this way ties your feelings of success to external sources of measurement, and extends the process of seeing the results. Why? Because you are essentially working in the law of reversed effort, and it’s postponing your success. How frustrating and exhausting!


Who you are isn’t contingent upon the results you are currently experiencing.


Everything THAT future you is (you know, that version of yourself you imagine you are when you’re rolling in success), THAT person already exists inside of you and is completely unattached to the results. You can be her/him now, and THAT is the zone where you begin to truly experience life and alignment. THAT is true success.


Ask yourself a real question: do you want the results for the sake of the results (let’s say, a speaking gig, hitting a certain revenue goal, or retiring your husband), or do you want those results because they will prove who you are?


Often we look to the results, waiting for them to happen, before we embrace who we really are. The truth is, we don’t have to wait. That is who we truly are, and that’s exactly why we desire those results so badly. Its not about the results, its about that feeling of aligning with our true selves and the potential of who we see ourselves becoming when we’re surrounded by those results.


Be THAT Girl or Guy teaches you:
1) the mindset, psychology, and energetics to live in a way of feeling successful now;
2) helping you fully embrace your worth and achievement now, unattached to any specific external results;

3) showing you how to take action from THAT place to propel you into the results you desire.



  • six intentional masterclasses,

  • three bi-weekly group calls,

  • and a supportive community with the other big dreamers who are also on this journey,

you’ll ignite the inherent power that’s already inside you!


Your Be THAT Girl/Be THAT Guy journey will walk you through these six areas of focus:

#1 Your Waiting Stops Now
Understand the psychology, energetics, and essence of being vs waiting.


#2 Break Free & See Yourself as Unstoppable

Identify the power leaks that are stopping you from living in success.


#3 Total Embodiment
Let your conscious choice transform your subconscious voice.


#4 Art of Neutrality

Encompass the emotional state of the person on the other side of your results.

#5 Anchored in Inherent Power

Detach yourself from external evidence and reinforce your presence.


#6 Moving as THAT Girl/Guy

Take action with ease and satisfaction, knowing that this you is that you.

All masterclasses will be held live. Doors are open until 5/23 with the first masterclass being held live on 6/1.


All sales are final. Pay in full or payment plan options are available through Paypal.


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