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What if achieving your desires was a natural byproduct of who you are rather than a goal to pursue?

Success Revolutionized

Hey there, I'm Charlsey Childers, the creator of BTG.

I'm bringing you this program because I found myself in an interesting dilemma: Despite my achievements and best efforts, I still felt a lingering sense of inadequacy and unworthiness. I felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction and frustration with my current circumstances, and longed for a more aligned approach to pursue my mission and vision greater than myself. Can you relate?

My usual ways of achieving what I wanted just weren't producing the satisfaction and fulfillment I craved. When it came to building something as special and important as my legacy and pursuing my dreams, I wanted to love the journey more than I was, have more fun, for it to feel easier, and to soak up every moment of it while being eager and excited for where I was going. Could I embrace my worthiness and success rather than waiting for or needing external conditions to change? 🤔


I often felt like I wasn't deserving of what I wanted or qualified to do what I felt called to do unless I had a certain number of certifications, had a certain number of followers, or made a certain amount of money. I wasn't successful until I reached that point.

I would set out to achieve a goal, thinking that I would feel accomplished when I got there, only to immediately move onto the next goal without celebrating my accomplishments or relish in the journey. Sometimes it was hard to even recognize my accomplishments as accomplishments and things to be proud of; I was so focused on getting to the next goal or things being perfect.

I felt the best on days when I was productive and filled my to do list with checkmarks, and horrible on days when I wasn't... that is, if I allowed myself to have off days, which meant I probably spent the day beating myself up for it and feeling guilty.

I lit up when someone complimented me on Instagram or when a friend asked about a video I had just posted, but then felt down or resentful when those things didn't happen. Their feedback and opinions had way too much power over me.


It was a never-ending chase for validation and worthiness. One that was exhausting, I couldn't keep up with, and one that I didn't want to build my legacy with.


Reflecting on my journey, I noticed several things were contributing to this unfulfillment:

The old way:

❌ I constantly focused on future outcomes and results, believing that I needed to meticulously plan 📝 every step to ensure success. This mindset kept me trapped in a cycle ♻️ of anxiety, always worrying about the future instead of fully being present.


❌ I often measured my worth and progress by 📉 external metrics, obsessively checking the number of likes on my posts 📲 or the enrollment numbers in my programs. If the results didn't meet my expectations, I would spiral into self-doubt, questioning if I have what it takes and what I was doing wrong. 😩 It was a relentless pursuit of validation that left me feeling unfulfilled and perpetually anxious.

❌ In my quest for success, I became consumed by the "how," constantly searching for the recipe or formula. This relentless drive 🏎️ led to a constant state of doubt and second-guessing, undermining my confidence and sapping my energy. 💥 I felt like I was always treading water, never truly moving forward.


❌ The pressure to always be "on" took a toll on me, leaving me 😫 exhausted and depleted. I was afraid to take risks or deviate from the path 💡 I thought I should be on, paralyzed by the fear of failure and what others thought.


But now,

✔️ I absolutely LOVE the journey itself, feeling satisfied and fulfilled the vast majority of the time. ❤️‍🔥 It's easy for me to be present instead of fixating on future outcomes. I no longer feel the need to meticulously plan every step; instead, I fully trust the process ⚡ and embrace each moment as it comes.

​✔️ I've learned to detach my self-worth from external validation 👏 and instead focus on internal alignment and authenticity. I understand that my value lies not in numbers but in the essence of who I am. 💯 I no longer crave constant validation or acknowledgment; instead, I cultivate validation and assurance within myself.

✔️ Rather than being consumed by the "how," I now approach my goals with a deep sense of ease and confidence, knowing that my desires are inevitable. 💣 I allow myself to have fun, take risks, and make mistakes, trusting that everything is unfolding according to plan. 🎉

✔️ It feels good to not be "on" all the time. Self-care is a priority 🛀 and I allow myself to rest when I need to. There is consistent flow to life instead of force. I don't limit myself to what I have to do, should do, or ought to do. I am the master of my energy and lead with authenticity and purpose. 🚀

I decided it was time to do things differently.

Through deep reflection and support from my coaches, I discovered why I thought I needed to make a certain income or certain qualifications in order to feel qualified and deserving, hopped from one accomplishment to another, my worth was wrapped up in my productivity, and craved validation from others.

Success is not something to chase, but something to live and breathe every day.

True success isn't about achieving external milestones or financial freedom, it's a byproduct of aligning with the essence of who we are to bring about the kind of impact we're called to make in the world.

Understanding and embodying this allowed me to shift my programming around how I approached my dreams and desires. I went from constant striving and needing external results to leading with alignment and authenticity!

This completely changed the game for me and continues to change the game for me! I'm not here to do it like everyone does it.

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Ready to not just go after your dreams and desires, but embody them, enjoy the journey, and build your legacy rooted in alignment and authenticity? If so, you're in the right place.

When you embrace Being THAT girl or guy, you'll come to:

Beyond BTG: Thriving in Your New Reality

Step into a version of yourself that has been transformed through BTG - a high achiever with a big vision who radiates peace and joy, trusting in the inevitable unfolding and moves with conviction and purpose even before you see or experience the results. Picture yourself witnessing tangible progress in your relationships, career, health, and personal development as each step adds up and propels you towards your aspirations.

Thrive in the power of expecting success and allow things to effortlessly fall into place. Notice how momentum replaces hesitation, and the fear of failure is replaced by the confidence of expansion. Imagine celebrating your achievements as they become a natural part of your being, and envision yourself as the true artist of your work.


Experience internal barriers crumbling away as you harness internal evidence and emotional depth, living a life fueled by authenticity rather than appearances. Become the one who commands your journey, navigating with leading energy, purposeful choices, and aligned standards.

By aligning with your future self who has already achieved what you desire, notice how you become less threatened by negative thoughts or emotions, and see challenges as stepping stones to greatness. Picture the journey being calibrated for your success, culminating in you embodying purpose, power, and limitless potential. This is the blueprint that will guide you toward purposeful impact and the full physical manifestation of your biggest desires.

The BTG Experience

BTG (Be THAT Girl/Guy) is a powerful and transformative journey designed for those with a vision greater than themselves who are ready to be fully immersed in the realms of success, contentment, and fulfillment even before attaining their desired outcomes.


This experience is built upon 6 key signature principles and content is delivered over a private podcast feedIf you're someone who

  • feels dissatisfied and unfulfilled despite your successes,

  • constantly strives for external validation and/or fixates on future outcomes,

  • is driven by a vision to make an impact but feels overwhelmed, 

  • often wrestles with sneaky internal barriers like doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, perfectionism, etc

then this program is your guiding light and was tailor-made for you.


BTG addresses these challenges head-on, providing you with the tools, insights, and essential beliefs necessary to align with your purpose, trust and embrace the journey, and embody the person you aspire to be – now, not later. This program empowers you to embody the unwavering belief that your desires are meant for you and become the architect of your own path, guiding you towards a life of purpose, fulfillment, and unparalleled impact. 



    • "Why isn't this working? What am I doing wrong?"​

    • "It'll work for them, not for me."

    • "I have to make this happen."

    • I need ___ in order to feel ___."

    • What if this was a one time success and I can't do it again?"
















The Vibe

This experience is about embodying a profound transformation that leads to unparalleled success and impact. The vibe is one of empowerment, clarity, and alignment, where you embrace the certainty of their journey, trust the process, and confidently navigate challenges as stepping stones toward your goals. It's a journey filled with celebration, artistry, and a deep sense of fulfillment in the present moment, transcending external conditions. You will fully connect with your calling, trust your inner knowing, and step into the role of the visionary leader you aspire to be.

This is for you if...

  • For Those Feeling Stuck in the Chase: If you find yourself constantly striving for external validation or fixating on future outcomes, BTG is designed to help you break free from this cycle. By shifting your mindset from constant striving to alignment and authenticity, BTG empowers you to find fulfillment in the journey rather than solely focusing on the destination.

  • Dreamers Seeking Deep Satisfaction: If you've been chasing success but feeling unfulfilled, BTG offers a transformative journey toward deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Through cultivating an unwavering belief in yourself and embracing the present moment, BTG helps you unlock a sense of contentment that transcends external circumstances.

  • Visionaries Craving Authentic Impact: If you're driven by a vision to make a meaningful impact but feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to navigate the journey, BTG provides the guidance and support you need. By aligning with your unique calling and trusting in the process, BTG empowers you to infuse your actions with purpose and determination, bridging the gap between vision and reality

  • Seekers of Inner Confidence: If self-doubt and fear of failure are holding you back from fully embracing your potential, BTG offers a path to cultivate unwavering confidence from within. Through mindset shifts and practical tools, BTG helps you navigate challenges with courage and resilience, allowing you to step into your power and lead with confidence.

  • Individuals Ready to Embody Their Legacy: If you're ready to step into your legacy and create a life that reflects your true purpose and potential, BTG is your guiding light. By embracing your future self who has already achieved your desires, BTG helps you overcome internal barriers, navigate with clarity and intention, and ultimately embody the legacy you're meant to leave behind.

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