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For go-getters who are ready to step into the more they deeply desire.


If you are a driven go-getter who desires more in life and is ready to own it, this Masterclass is for you. Boost your belief, your confidence, and the results you manifest in your life by tuning into this powerful topic!


Blending psychology with emotional intelligence, Made for More will help you level up your understanding of why you want more and how you can turn that desire into your own, built-in homing beacon to keep you on track as you activate the greatness inside of you.


You’ll learn to trust that the things you feel inside and the nudges on your heart are real, valid, and purposeful.

You’ll be able to stop feeling like you have to apologize for wanting more or feeling the need to justify your desires to those who may not seem to get it or support you in them.


You’ll see that wanting more doesn’t have to mean you’re selfish or discontent, but rather it can be your roadmap to cultivating the untapped brilliance within yourself.


This 1 hour 50 min recorded masterclass, Made for More, teaches:

  • why you sometimes feel crazy, guilty, alone or wrong for wanting more;

  • 3 ways to dissolve negative feelings around your desires;

  • the innate superpower that's inside you, as someone who want to do big things;

  • the core beliefs to ground you as you own the life you feel called to.


You can expect to walk away feeling free to want what you want and being empowered to take action on your desires with or without needing support, validation, permission, or tangible proof.


Enjoy lifetime access. 


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