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What if these feelings of wanting 'more' mean were more than just feelings? What if you knew why you're having them and what they're telling you? What if you had the courage to act on them and explore them? How good would that feel? And what if you saw these  feelings as a door to a life beyond anything you could have asked for or imagined?

You know deep down that you're meant for something extraordinary. That the persistent nudge in your heart is more than just a whim; it's a calling you can't ignore. You're ready to own it! But let's face it – you find yourself feeling guilty for having these ambitious dreams, and catch yourself thinking, 'I should be more grateful for what I have; why do I want more?'

Despite your achievements, you sometimes feel like you're on this journey alone. No one around you seems to fully understand your aspirations or where you want to go. You often feel isolated in your desire for 'more,' which leads you to hide your true desires or try to fit in with their expectations of you. 

You're driven and ambitious, yet there are times when you can't shake feeling selfish for wanting more. You wonder if it's wrong to pursue your dreams when others seem content or when so many others have it much worse. It's as if society has programmed you to believe that wanting 'more' is inherently selfish.

You're driven by a vision of something bigger, but sometimes you can't help feel 'crazy' for your ambitions. It's like others want you to apologize for wanting more than what's expected. But deep down, you know there's nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness and you would rather be seen as someone who's pursuing their dream instead of apologizing for it.

You want to be driven by a deep sense of purpose, yet you often find yourself seeking approval or reassurance from others before fully committing to your goals. It's as if you hesitate to go all in until you receive validation or support from those around you.

I get it. You're tired of feeling guilty or selfish for wanting more out of life, especially when deep down you know there's nothing to apologize for. You're ready to break away from others' existing perceptions and expectations, and explore what these feelings of 'more' truly mean. You want to quiet the noise and start owning the life you feel called to!


Made for More cover photo (1).png

This is where you'll...

Ready to stop apologizing and starting owning the life you feel called to? This Masterclass is your essential guide, providing validation to this inner longing you feel - encouraging you to lean into what you inherently know, empowering you to get clear on what to do next, and equipping you with the tools to courageously take the next step. Think of this masterclass as the ignition that sparks your path toward living the incredible life you desire. It's the first step on the exhilarating road to trusting your inner nudges and unapologetically embracing your desires. 

In this masterclass, I seamlessly blend cognitive psychology and emotional intelligence to provide you with invaluable insights and practical tools that will empower you to embark on a transformative journey. Here's what you can expect to gain:


Understand and confirm your deep inner sense that you are meant for something greater and a more fulfilling in life, validating your desires and recognizing the significance of your dreams while building confidence in your ability to pursue them


Gain clarity on what your feelings of being called to more mean and why these emotions arise, uncovering the underlying reasons behind feelings of isolation, doubt, or guilt about wanting more


Discover the choices and options available to you, empowering you to move forward in a supportive and aligned direction and make choices aligned with your true desires.


Shift perspective to embrace your desires for more as positive drivers, cultivating self-worth and readiness to take purposeful action towards your dreams.

By the end of this masterclass, you'll not only understand the 'why' behind your feelings but also have the practical 'how' to turn them into catalysts for personal growth. I invite you to join us on this journey and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to own the life you're meant for!

What You'll Learn

Meet Your Coach

Eight years ago, I decided to stop apologizing for wanting more out of life. It was a pivotal moment that changed EVERYTHING for me.

I went from feeling ashamed of my ambitions


fully embracing and appreciating this drive within me. Over the years, I explored these desires, allowed them to guide my life and, ultimately, came to a place of deep self-understanding and appreciation, opening the door to living a life rooted in authenticity and alignment.

If we haven't met, I'm Charlsey.

This journey has impacted every aspect of my life from building a thriving and deeply fulfilling career, surrounding myself with supportive, like-minded people, and cultivating a life that feels true to who I am at my core (to name a few). Each step along the way, feeling more empowered, more confident, and more aligned with my purpose.


This is where Made for More comes in.

Through my own experience, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges and internal conflicts that come with having big dreams and desires. I know what it’s like to feel guilty, selfish, or even crazy for wanting more. I’ve walked the path of feeling like I had to apologize for my ambitions and the fear of stepping fully into them because of potential judgment or rejection.


Made for More is designed to help you with these very challenges! It’s your solution for gaining validation, clarity, support, & reassurance.

A culmination of my journey & the insights I’ve gained along the way.

Welcome to the corner of the internet where natural ambition and psychology collide to empower us to own the life we're destined for.

May this be the ignition that sparks your path to living the incredible life you desire.

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Remember, that persistent nudge in your heart for more is not a sign of discontent but a testament to the extraordinary potential within you. Your dreams, no matter how big, hold the key to unlocking the incredible. If you know you are made for more, then I invite you to start turning those desires into reality. Joining this Masterclass is your pivotal first step. Join us now for $97 increasing to $297 soon.

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