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New Program Special Pricing



Solidify is a micromind for those who are committed to remaining unstoppable in their journey of actively bringing the fullness of who they are to their dream.


If you desire a place of support, safety, and expansion to reinforce the work you have done and are doing to heal, connect to your calling, and anchor into the truth of who you are… then you are in the right place!


As you’ve probably already realized, new levels bring new doubts that weren't previously available to you before. Often these aren’t triggered within you until you decide to scale into your next level of success and impact. The beauty in this realization is in seeing that your doubts and insecurities are directly connected to new opportunities for a depth of growth that was previously unavailable to you; they are a confirmation that expansion is calling.


In this exclusive Voxer chat as-needed support program, I show up to support you in intensifying your awareness of just how powerful you are, and using any current internal struggles to fuel next level growth. Without this support, you run the risk of your doubts and insecurities overshadowing the opportunity they bring for growth, and, therefore, stifling your ascent to new levels.


Solidify is your place to be supported as you rise, helping you remain anchored in the truth of who you are, and, even more so, guiding you to use internal struggles as bricks to solidify that truth. 


In this space, you are reminded to be all of you, and supported as you keep showing up in the raw, authentic truth of who you are (and who you need to be) as you rise to even deeper levels of transforming power.


Understanding your qualities of power and amplifying them in your life with a mindset of growth is absolutely key to unlocking your ability to flow within your calling into new levels of success.


In Solidify, you will have a safe place to come and deepen your connection to those qualities of power within yourself.


Do you want to know how far you can go into being your true self and embracing who you were created to be, and see just what depth of authenticity and impact you have the potential to bring to your dream?!


As you solidify your sense of self, you’ll automatically solidify your calling.


Solidify supports you by:

  • Providing a safe place to be real and receive high-caliber support;

  • Connecting you to others who are actively leveling up in and seeing that you aren’t alone;

  • Sharing three audio riffs per week that will shift your identity, your alignment, your ease and flow, and your inherent power.

  • Having two open Q&A days where you come ready to move as the truest, most solid, and most aligned version of you.

This is not a subscription, this is an as-needed monthly support program.

Save $256 when you join during the New Program Special Pricing period.

Investment is $844 until May 24th, then it goes up to reflect the full value of $1100.


All sales are final. Pay in full or payment plan options available with Paypal.


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